Occupational Health and Safety Management System:

We help organizations in Bringing Improvement in their activities by IMPLEMETING suitable Management Systems. The approach in each case is briefly stated below:

The Steps Involved are elaborated below:

  1. Get Current Standards and understand it.
  2. Define the OH & Safety Policy – If desired, you may combine this with Quality, Environmental Policy and have an Integrated Policy for Integrated Management System,
  3. Determine Objectives related to Quality, Environmental & Safety issues: Objectives should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time-bound,
  4. Identify Activities done, determine Quality requirements for Product & Services, Environmental Aspects and Impacts; Rate the Impacts with a suitable Scale,
  5. Decide Significant Impacts & prepare Environmental Management Programs,
  6. Identify Activities done and planned for future. Determine Occupational Health and Safety Issues Involved; Rate the Hazards with a suitable Scale,
  7. Decide the Significant Hazards and prepare Risk Mitigation Programs,
  8. Determine Applicable Legal and other requirements. Prepare plan for Compliance,
  9. Define Responsibility & Authority to ensure achieving planned results,
  10. Determine and Implement channels of Internal & External Communication for effective working,
  11. Decide resources needed and the ways to provide them,
  12. Have Consultation with Workers and Ensure their participation. Make all the persons ‘AWARE’ about the Policy and Systems.
  13. List out Competence requirement for various positions, determine gaps if any, decide ways to meet them, implement actions and check effectiveness,
  14. Define system for Monitoring, Measurement & Maintenance. Implement it,
  15. Prepare Emergency Preparedness Plan and implement it;
  16. Establish various Procedures and follow them. Record key details,
  17. Monitor Accidents, Incidences. Identify ‘Lessons Learnt’, Involve everybody,
  18. Get your Auditor TRAINED for Internal Auditing. Periodically Conduct Internal Audits, Analyze the Results, take Corrective & Preventive actions,
  19. Conduct Periodic Management Reviews for evaluation of the System Working and bring-in Improvements,
  20. Go for Certification Audit, Clear NCs (Nonconformances) if any, get Certificate, Celebrate and Continue Improving.