Quality Management System (QMS)

We help organizations in Bringing Improvement in their activities by IMPLEMETING suitable Management Systems. The approach in each case is briefly stated below:

Quality Management System (QMS):

Follow the eight QUALITY MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES through the establishment of a QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in the organization to focusing on Customer and Continually Improve the Quality of products and service being offered with clear understanding of the customer requirements. Develop a Quality Management System based on ISO 9000 series of standards

Objective: Achieve standardization, consistency in operation leading to Defect Prevention and Continual Improvement in all business processes. Move from the Culture of Blame to Culture of Trust and Team Work.

Process: Adding ‘Value’ to the services through diagnostics, training, consultancy, facilitation and counseling methods to identify the processes, their interfaces, and identifying suitable measures for operation and monitoring to achieve the quality objectives.

Trainings Offered:

Awareness and Implementation: To provide an in-depth knowledge on the various requirements of the standard and the understanding for the implementation. This training provides the opportunity for understanding the requirements, identifying the processes, sequencing them and deciding their interaction to make the QMS effective. Depending on the requirements of the organization the duration and the contents can be tailored to individual needs. At the end of the training the organization is clear in the basic concepts and the process to be adopted for implementation.


To provide inputs for documenting the quality manual, process maps, operating procedures, instructions and any other quality system documents in a structured manner within the quality management system to facilitate an organization to implement the same effectively. As the documentation is the backbone of the QMS, this training provides valuable inputs as to how to write the entire system documentation.

Internal QMS Auditor:

A unique course designed and offered to train a pool of internal auditors who will be regularly used to measure the system compliance and effectiveness. This two-day training provides immense value to the organization in conducting effective internal audits and the management gets regular updates on the system compliance. The ISO 190011 shall be the base for this Auditor Training.

Road Map for QMS Certification

  1. Gap Analysis, Awareness on Implementation requirements, Setting Up Coordination Committee and define their Roles. Preparing Quality Policy and deciding the Quality Objectives.
  2. Identifying the key processes and Mapping them. Determining their Sequence and Interaction. System Documentation and Process Implementation,
  3. Internal Auditor Training, Audits to Check Implementation and facilitation to identify and take Corrective Actions,
  4. Pre-assessment To Check the Readiness,
  5. System Fine Tuning and Providing Support For Certification